About the project. On 1 July 2014 the implementation agreement was signed for “ESTABLISHING A HELP CENTER FOR CHILDREN, WHO WERE VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ABUSE” (No. 2014/4-9-8). The project is implemented following the measure of the Programme “Children and Youth of Risk Group” under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009–2014. The project is funded from the European Economic Area Financial mechanism and Lithuanian budget, together with a partner – Government Agency for Child Protection in Iceland “Barnaverndarstofa”.

 Goal of the project. When implementing the project, the care home for children and mothers “Užuovėja” wants to establish an institution of specialized complex services in Lithuania, which would be meant for children, who were victims of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation as well as for their family members, at the same time ensuring the coordinated inter-agency cooperation. The centre will provide different kinds of help (psychological, social, legal and medical).

Outcome of the project. After implementing the project it is planned to establish the Centre for Children, who were victims of sexual abuse. Besides, with the help of this centre complex services (social, psychological, health care and legal) will be provided for children and their family members. Furthermore, during the implementation of the project, professional competencies necessary for work with children will be improved for specialists such as: municipal civil servants, doctors, law enforcement professionals and psychologists.

Activity of the future centre. The centre will offer the following complex services:

·         Temporary accommodation – for children and their non-violent parents (guardians).

·         Research survey – the centre will have specially equipped and child-friendly survey equipment, which would allow safe speaking with a child about his/her experience and to make a record of this conversation.

·         Medical examination - the centre will have a specially equipped and child-friendly room, where children could be examined by doctors and the symptoms of the experienced trauma could be assessed together with the general condition of a child’s health. 

Also other works that are no less important will be performed:  psychological assessment of the child, assessment of the child's social environment and psychological help for a child.


Duration of the project – 22 months.

Amount funded for the project – 2.988.032,40 LTL